How to Plan a Sustainable Event

zero waste eco friendly concept. reusable cotton bag, stainless steel drinking staw, glass jar, wooden cutlery

*Pop, fizz, clink! * Happy new year everyone! Although being more “green” and living sustainably has been quite popular for some time now, it has especially escalated as time has gone on. Let’s start the new decade living more consciously and friendly to our earth. As an event planner, so many materials and single-use items are used at events. Events can result in a significant amount of food waste, trash, and transportation emissions. Going into 2020, let’s focus on putting an emphasis on sustainability while planning events.

Below are some different ways you can take your events from wasteful to tasteful:

Switch to Paperless

It’s the little things that can make the biggest splash. Rather than sending out a lot of physical copies of invitations to guests, opt for a paperless e-vite. Aside from paperless invites being more budget-friendly, they also allow for convenient and fast communication between you and the guests. Any changes or concerns from either you or the guest can be communicated through email or the e-vite site of your choice (it’s 2020, the internet is in, carrier pigeons are out). Commonly, e-vites offer features such as push notifications, directions to the venue, and the catering options for the guest to choose from. Once guests arrive at the event, checking in using a tablet or kiosk can also contribute to your new and improved sustainable practices.

Cut Back on Event Waste

When hoping to cut back on waste and liter, most of us think of recycling. The majority of materials needed for an event are usually single-use items such as plastic utensils and décor that is not biodegradable. During the process of choosing a venue for the event, take a little extra time to consider the waste removal and what services the venue offers. If the venue does not provide recycling services, organizing a separate option for the event waste will be necessary. While this effort is a positive step in the right direction, it’s still important to choose smarter options for utensils rather than harmful plastic, recycling or not. There is a wide variety of different biodegradable utensils created from recycled plastics. This step could potentially be the most impactful, bearing in mind all the waste that accumulates from events that end up in landfills.

Transportation Arrangements

The carbon footprint left from all the guests traveling to the event can be quite large, depending on the distance. This can be easily reduced through the encouragement of carpooling. A fun way to transport guests is to hire a car service or limo service to pick groups up at a time, if it’s in the budget, of course. Providing transportation will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but it will create a fun and enjoyable experience for guests. Keep in mind also, if alcohol will be served, a transportation service will be a safe option as well. Giving a solid effort to be more sustainable is the best first step you can take. In the new year, make it a resolution to be kinder to the earth and future generations before you. It’s 2020, so party like Gatsby, but make it sustainable.