Real Estate

Make every staging a success with the breathtaking beauty of Placez’s AR functionality. Impressing clients and making sales has never been easier, brings room to life right in front of your prospects life, all with the tap of a screen.

Real Estate. Redefined.

Model Libraries
These days, a good event space is a unique event space. Step into the future of events with varied model libraries, a beautiful AR viewer, and even the ability to create your own custom 3D libraries.
Design on The Fly
Big or small, Placez works well with all types of event sizes. It doesn't matter how big the square footage or how large the guest count, with Placez you can go from design to presentation in a matter of minutes.
Guest Management
Seat assignments, table numbers and meal preferences are a must for any modern event planner. Placez allows you and your clients to collaborate with ease on all of the above. Go ahead, let them handle it, you know you want to.
We know events can be hectic. The Placez reporting and management suite allows you to keep track of all the details with ease. Never be too far from the details with your home base dashboard, providing info on rooms, revenue, and guest counts.

Close The Sale

Staging on The Fly

Placez allows agents dealing with homes of any size to quickly stage any room. Before the big open house use Placez to create a collection of room collections to include bedrooms, studios, offices and more.

Once the rooms are in your collection quickly bring them to life throughout the house, giving even the pickiest of buyer exactly what they wanted to see.

Remote Sales

Have a client thousands of miles away? Placez allows you to create a room or home in a matter of minutes. Once complete, send out your scene over the web in full color 3D or as a fully realized Augmented Reality Model.

No matter where your client lives, they’ll be able to walk through your home or room and bring you closer to that sweet, sweet closing.

Experience AR with a Preview of The Real Estate Library

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The Future of Real Estate has Arrived

Placez is the next generation of diagramming and floor planning software. Step into the future, build your revenue and bring your business to the next level. It’s easier than ever to get started.

View In 3D
See our 3D models in action by clicking a model below.