Guide to Planning A Virtual Wedding

Like many “COVID brides,” planning a wedding right now is less than ideal. The unpredictable nature of this situation has caused brides, grooms, and event planners to reimagine the concept of wedding planning. It’s an emotional time, especially when someone’s big day can’t involve their dream venue, date, and season. Not to mention, the wedding day they imagined where all of their family and friends are gathered together, is no longer possible either. Although this scenario is not preferred, there is some good news in all of this chaos. With the technology we have available to us, we can plan and organize a beautiful virtual wedding! While it may not be the perfect solution, it is a great way to tie the knot before it’s safe to throw a proper soiree. Rather than continuously postponing or canceling, holding a virtual ceremony with all your loved ones can be a fantastic alternative. It can especially hold a high importance to the bride and grooms who have elderly family members that they want to ensure can witness the wedding. It may seem like planning a virtual wedding is easy and effortless, but, like anything involved with a wedding, it involves some steps.

Below are some steps that need to be taken when planning a virtual wedding:

Choose the Platform That Works Best for You

In the midst of a pandemic, you come to realize how many video conference platforms there are. If the guest list is long, it’s important to choose a platform that suits the most amount of people. For example, you need to consider age, style of wedding, and the number of guests because each platform can cater to different needs. Ease of use, functionality, and availability across devices are some of the most important aspects to consider. If the bride and groom choose to have their ceremony available to view without the communication that most video conferences offer, they could opt for a “webinar” style. However, many couples are interested in platforms where everyone can see and talk to each other. This gives the wedding a more intimate feel and allows family and friends to celebrate together. Some of the most popular platforms to choose from include Google Hangout, Facebook Live, Zoom, and Instagram Live. While all of these platforms are great, the most popular and user-friendly platform for weddings is Zoom.

Send Proper Invites

In order to make a virtual wedding feel more traditional and legitimate, the couple can choose to send out wedding invites. Similarly to a regular wedding, invites play a big part in the planning process. Having the couple design an invitation, whether through the mail, email, or an e-vite, will give them a sense of normalcy in all of the craziness. Through this invite, the guests will get more information on the non-traditional wedding. This information can include attire, time of ceremony, the video conference platform, and some courtesies that the couple wishes guests would follow.

Say Yes to the Dress

In the case of a virtual wedding, the bride can choose whether or not a full wedding gown is necessary. If a wedding dress makes the bride feel more special and celebrated, then there’s no harm in a little glamor. However, there are plenty of other options a bride could consider. Due to the more laid-back nature of a virtual wedding, the bride can essentially wear whatever she desires. This holds true for the groom as well (we didn’t forget about him!) When it comes to the guests, it’s encouraged to have them wear something that symbolizes a celebration. Whether that be formal attire or casual wear but with fun and vibrant colors. It’s important to remember still that it is someone’s big day and to celebrate as such.

Decorate the Scene 

A virtual wedding is something a couple will remember as one of their biggest days forever. While not ideal, it’s still something that should have effort put into so it can be as beautiful and memorable as possible. With that being said, the wedding scene should have sufficient décor and flowers, just as a normal wedding would. Many florists and rental companies offer contact-less pick-up and deliveries, making beautiful events possible (even in a pandemic). No couple should have to go through what these “COVID couples” have gone through when planning a wedding. The least we can do as event planners is to create a beautiful scene for the newly married couple to exchange their vows. Not to mention, decorating their wedding scene will result in beautiful photos that they can look back on!

Don’t Skip Out on Cake

What’s something every wedding has that everyone loves? Cake, of course! Having a virtual wedding isn’t a reason not to have a cake. If there’s any day where indulgence is a must, it’s a wedding day. Since no one but the bride and groom will be eating it, you have a couple of options when it comes to deciding on a cake. If the bride is more easygoing and wants something simple, following an online recipe and making it from scratch could be a great option (how many people can say they’ve made their wedding cake?!). If baking isn’t the brides forte, there are plenty of local bakeries that would work with a couple to find their perfect cake.

As event planners, planning virtual events can be quite intimidating, especially in such an unfamiliar and strange time. Although this time is not convenient or ideal for anyone, we can help make some good out of this mess. Helping couples plan their virtual weddings is not only creating happy memories in the middle of a disaster but also expanding your skill set in something that will be more prominent now that we live in a remote world.