How the Event Industry is Transforming Through Technology in 2023

The event industry is continuously innovating and transforming with the latest technology trends. Today’s customers have high expectations, and the industry is keeping up with the pace to provide an excellent experience to their clients. From self-service tech to virtual events and QR codes, the event industry is racing towards being more efficient and offering an unforgettable experience to its customers. In this article, we’ll look at the latest technological trends in the event industry and how they can help event planners, caterers, and restaurant owners improve their businesses.

Self Service Technology

The event industry has been adapting to self-service technology in recent years. Unsurprisingly, event businesses are increasingly focusing on improved self-service technology to boost customer satisfaction and reduce manual workloads. With self-service technology, customers can quickly learn about venues and services, view calendars and menus, sign contracts, book events, pay invoices, and manage many event-related tasks. By incorporating these systems, businesses can reduce their workload and allow customers to complete tasks faster, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Virtual Event Technology

Live streaming and virtual event technology are changing the way events operate. During the pandemic, virtual events became more popular than ever before. The technology allows people to attend events remotely from anywhere worldwide, saving travel time and costs. Additionally, virtual events are customizable by adding interactive features such as chat rooms, Q&A sessions, and virtual networking events. These new functionalities are a great way to attract more participants to your events and reach a broader audience.

QR Codes

QR codes have been around for a while, but they are now more prevalent than ever – used for everything, even in event planning. With QR codes, customers can view menus, order food, make payments, and check in to hotels, helping remove physical contact. For instance, a hotel can now email QR codes to their customers, which they can scan to activate room service, reservations, and other functions.


A unique way of incorporating technology into events is with robots; they can transport and set up different equipment and other things, like checking in guests, assisting with technical tasks like capturing images, and speaker support. Research has found that incorporating robot technology into your events can improve engagement and create brand opportunities.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

A new integration into the events industry is virtual and augmented reality. AR and VR can transport guests to simulated environments that replicate exotic locations or themes, creating an exceptional customer experience. Virtual reality is one of the latest event trends, enabling guests to experience events from their homes using VR headsets. Businesses catering to large corporate events now consider this option an impactful way to maintain excellent engagement and save many expenses.

Data and Reporting Technology

Businesses can improve the planning process by analyzing data and reporting tools, gaining insights into customer behavior, and improving their core operations. Data and reporting tools can also help businesses manage their team effectively, plan and monitor marketing initiatives, and increase revenue.

The event industry depends on technology to bring the latest trends to the customer’s doorstep. This technology shift focuses on providing an exceptional customer experience, integrating self-service technology, providing virtual events and AR/VR experiences, and increasing efficiency by adopting new systems like QR codes, robots, and data and reporting tools. This article discussed some of the leading technological trends in the event industry today and how they can impact the industry’s future. By adopting these latest technology trends, event businesses of all types can increase their efficiency and enhance their customer’s experience, creating a winning formula for their growth and success.