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From weddings to corporate events, Placez works for any event type of any size. It’s the perfect solution to designing your next event space. See how you can enhance your event business with Placez today.

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Placez comes with a variety of benefits:
Event Design
Design your custom event space through the Placez scene design functionality. Let your clients experience the event layout beforehand with 2D, 3D, and AR viewing capabilities.
Emphasize The Details
From overlap and collision detection to fire code standard implementation, Placez makes it easy to never overlook any of the details again when designing an event space.
Robust Model Libraries
These days, a good event space is a unique event space. Step into the future of events with varied model libraries, single item AR view, and custom 3D model upload.
Works With Every Event Size
Big or small, Placez works well with all types of event sizes. It doesn't matter how big the square footage is or how large the guest count is.
Table Numbering
Table numbering can help keep large events organized. Placez makes it easy to know exactly where each table is located.
Reporting & Management
We know events can be hectic. The Placez reporting and management suite allows you to keep track of every aspect of an event with ease.


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