Gym equipment is heavy, why move it more than once? With Placez, heave lifting is a thing of the past. Plan out any gym; large or small. Wether you’re working with a corporate office or a personal trainer, we’ve got your back.

The Placez Fitness Advantage

Fitness for Everyone
Wether your client is a large enterprise chain, a mid-sized office space or a small personal trainer Placez can help you create the perfect space. Quick custom floor plan creation and custom libraries let you design on the fly.
Drag & Drop
Reduce the amount of times you have to lug that set of dumbbells around your site. With Placez you can place equipment virtually anywhere literally with a click of your mouse. It's never been quicker or easier to plan out the perfect gym.
Maximize Space
Placez shows you how to get the most out of your gym space. Specifically, it will show you if certain equipment will line up with others or fit in that tight corner. Design is an important step in impressing gym clientele.
Instant AR
Not sure if a piece of equipment will work in a space within your gym? Place it live with just one tap with the advanced functionality of AR. Not on site? No problem, Placez allows AR objects to be shared to anyone over the web.

Your Gym, Your Way

Your Equipment, Anywhere

With the Placez fitness library and integrated model viewer you have full access to your equipment from virtually anywhere. All you need is a web browser and you can have your equipment in full breathtaking 3D and Augmented Reality. Wether you are using our default fitness equipment or one of your own custom models, you’ll be sure to impress even the toughest of clients.

Designing The Perfect Space

Creating the perfect gym can be done in a matter of minutes. Aside from having the latest and greatest in fitness equipment, Placez has libraries fully stocked with benches, fans, massage tables, decorations and more. Everything you need to design the perfect space is available from the moment you sign-in. Best in class fitness solutions require best in class software.

Experience AR with a Preview of The Gym Library

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The Future of Fitness has Arrived

Placez is the next generation of diagramming and floor planning software. Step into the future, 5x your revenue and bring your business to the next level. It’s easier than ever to get started.

Explore 3D
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