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Visualize the future of your hotel or resort space with Placez.

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Placez revolutionizes the future of hotel and resort space. It’s the perfect software to maximize your business. The full feature list within Placez is designed to fit every unique hotel or resort’s needs. See how you can enhance your hotel or resort business today with Placez.


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Placez comes with a variety of benefits:
Enterprise Functionaility
Manage multiple resort or hotel locations, enjoy enterprise level reporting, and more.
Table Numbering
Keep your banquet tables organized with table numbering. Make sure every table is located exactly where it needs to be.
Better Client Communication
Hotel event clients expect the best so why not give it to them? Placez allows your clients to like and comment on your space designs so the client is always kept as a priority.
Impress Clients
Amaze your clients with 2D, 3D, and AR viewing capabilities. Hotel event guests can see themselves at the event before it even starts.
Reporting & Management
Placez has quick access dashboards, inventory counting, inventory reporting, and more; making it easier and more efficient to keep track of all your different rooms.
Perfect For Any Size
Hotels come in all shapes and sizes. Placez works for any square footage so you can custom any space for its unique needs.

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