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From outdoor or even indoor landscaping spaces, Placez works for any type of landspacing spaces of any size. It’s the perfect solution to designing your next green space. See how you can enhance your landscaping business with Placez today.

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Placez comes with a variety of benefits:
Impress Clients
Placez makes it easy to drag and drop different landscaping items in 2D, 3D, and AR, no matter the environment.
Batch Adding
A successful landscaping concept can require a large volume of different pieces. Placez makes it easy to manage all of them with the batch adding feature.
Better Client Communication
Share the same landscaping vision with your client. Through Placez, your clients can like and comment on different spaces so you always stay on the same page.
Reporting & Management
Placez comes with quick access dashboards, inventory reporting, and more.
Increase Revenue
Placez allows clients to place themselves within a landscaping space through 2D, 3D, and AR capabilities.
Any Device
Take Placez with you anywhere, anytime. It's a necessity to be mobile as a landscaping business.


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