Guide to Choosing the Best Layout for an Event

Blueprint of an office becoming an actual workplace

The layout of a room can majorly affect the way your guests interact and experience the event. Choosing the best layout that is unique to each event will increase engagement and accommodate the guests more effectively. There are some major components that will help determine what layout will suit your event the best. The number of guests expected are a key factor in deciding the seating and how to arrange the room properly. When seating people, it is important that you keep in mind wheelchair access, proximity to the speaker, and enough space between tables (there’s nothing worse than being crammed like a sardine). Also, it is important to know what your priorities are. For example, is networking and socializing the goal, or is having a good view of the stage and speaker more important? All these factors are important when deciding what to do with the space. The furniture you have at the event will not only help coincide with the theme but will also determine the guest’s comfortability (steel chairs may look amazingly awesome but may not be the most comfortable if you know what I mean) … The venue you work with may have furniture available to use but it may not be the aesthetic you are aiming for. Renting furniture is another option, which gives you more freedom for design but is also the pricier option. Here’s a little tip, darker colors and décor pair well with presentations and performances on a stage but should be avoided when it comes to networking events. In some cases, venues will have furniture that are heavy and immobile. Built in bars and other substantial pieces need to be taken into account because they alter the rooms space and opportunity for maximum capacity. If there will be food, drinks, and socializing, then people need to be able to roam freely. Comfortability is a major factor that affects the experience of guests at your event and the layout is what will make it happen (other than you and your spectacular event planning skills of course).

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