360 Photosphere: Revolutionizing Event Planning

Every experienced event professional knows that behind each successful event is a layout that takes into account all the characteristics of your event space while enhancing the attendee experience. Although there’s no reason that your events should ever suffer from attendees having a less than enjoyable experience, there may be some barriers in the way that could cause this. When planning an event virtually, some clients may have a hard time envisioning the space and its potential without physically experiencing it. Oftentimes, an event planning software, will only offer 2D and 3D diagramming (I know, how awful to have such privileges). While these features are both advantageous and beneficial in different ways, they don’t necessarily give you and your client a “real life” experience.

360 Photosphere and Masking

Now, you may be asking, “what is a 360 Photosphere?” If this term is new to you, we’re excited to open up a whole new world for you and your event planning business. In the past, when you were planning an event virtually, there had to of been a moment when you wished you could transport yourself into the space. While there is no denying that designing a space or layout using 2D or 3D diagramming is already amazing in itself, 360 Photosphere allows you to view a lifelike version of your venue, when being there isn’t an option. When using this new feature, you can take images of the venue from any vantage point and then place the entire layout into this realistic environment. Not only will you and your client be able to view this venue as if you were there, the objects within the room, such as floral arrangements, chairs, and light fixtures are also presented in a realistic manner.
Now that you have a better understanding of this marvelous technology, we’d like to introduce and explain to you the masking feature. Masking is a layering feature that allows you to hide a part of the layer from the image. In the program, anything you paint purple will no longer be visible in the final image. For example, let’s say you have a 360 Photosphere image of a ballroom venue full of columns and beautiful architectural design. You have fully designed the layout with tables, chairs, a dance floor, and a bar. In order to make this venue look more realistic and accurate, you can place “masks” over the columns. This action will essentially allow you to design and work around those columns as if they were solid rather than a flat image. Are you confused yet? Although it may sound complicated, this innovative technology is extremely easy to use and will change the way you view and design event spaces.
Ready for the kicker? If you and your client are not able to physically go to the venue and you want to do a walk-through, you have the option of Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality enables you to show your client entire layouts and individual objects anywhere, anytime. This feature can be used on any tablet or mobile device without any setup.

How It Applies to You

I’m sure you’re no stranger to a busy and hectic lifestyle. From planning events, meeting with clients, and designing spaces, life can feel a little overwhelming at times. A successful business will always result in a busy schedule, but being busy doesn’t have to be stressful. Not only will implementing an event planning software help organize and streamline your business, but it will help you take your work on the go. If it wasn’t 2020, and technology wasn’t as advanced as it is, I can see how all of this can sound crazy. Fortunately, the technology we have access to can make anything that used to be complicated, more efficient. Having a program that offers your clients state-of-the-art 360 technology will set you apart in the big world that is event planning. All you need is a tablet or a phone!