Creative Ways to Incorporate Augmented Reality into Your Next Event

AR Into Events

At this point, especially if you’re an event prof, you have probably heard about the new craze of augmented reality (if you haven’t, check out our last blog!) … Although this concept is generally new, the amount of recognition it has already received is a forecast for its major impact on the industry. AR has the ability to make an event unique and something people will remember (ditch the piñata and let’s bring Mexico to the party…virtually). In any event, networking is extremely important, especially in the event planning industry. That’s one of the main reasons people even go to events! AR can help the guests interact and network more effectively. Guests can better get to know each other by having their credentials and information presented next to them at the event (like a dating profile but in person… and for event planners). Besides networking, the other key reason guests attend events are for the speakers. AR can assist the speakers by having interactive models and designs. This can change the entire experience for the guests and make it more engaging. Another fun way to engage attendees is to use the technology of an AR mirror. An AR mirror allows guests to see a reflection of themselves but having augmented components added. You can add whatever you wish to the AR mirror, making it more fun or more professional depending on the event. Examples of this can be masquerade masks for strictly entertainment, or bifocals for a glasses company, allowing the guest to see them on their face. You can also use AR to give your guests a virtual tour. An entire venue can be designed on a device, and with the magic of AR, the guest can be transported to the make-believe venue. This feature is something that can really transform the way this industry does things. Being able to take guests to a venue before it becomes a reality is truly innovative and mind-bending.

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